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                               History of Saint Timothy’s

     Bishop Vail the first Bishop of Kansas in his 1881 journal reported “ At Iola we have no church building and are dependent upon others for a suitable place for service, and though the members are much scattered, requiring service at different points, still the cheerful efforts and faithful attendance make it most desirable and important that services be continued,” 

     The plan for services on alternate Sundays was this: On one Sunday, service was held in town, then one in the country; while the next three Sundays, service were held at different area schoolhouses. In 1891 the mission of Saint Timothy’s was organized even though the services were being held in a Presbyterian church.

     In 1898 a parish house was built and a building fund was started for a church. On August 12, 1900, Arch Deacon C.B. Crawford presided at the ceremony of laying the cornerstone of the foundation of the church building. The church had panels that were made from cement from the Iola plant and ivy slips were taken from Trinity Church in New York City and planted to cover the church walls. The first service was held on March 3, 1901 with Bishop Millspaugh presiding. 

     There was a mission statement from Carl W. Nau that said “ Our mission here is to help the sinner, to strengthen the weak and give confidence and cheer to the discouraged.

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